About Wolkify – the platform for personal growth

Do you want to make the most out of life? Do you believe that life is a journey rather than a destination? Are you passionate about constantly developing and growing as a person? And are you looking for a way to learn more about personal growth, share your own thoughts and become part of a driven community of passionate, like-minded people? Then Wolkify is the right place for you!

What Wolkify stands for

Wolkify aims to be a platform for people who care about high-value content. It aims to inspire, aims to inform, aims to go deep on personal growth. Wolkify seeks to be an alternative to the existing social media platforms that are cluttered with low-consciousness, instant-gratification posts. At Wolkify we instead are striving to provide dense, in-depth material.

We are fully aware that by doing so we are not reaching the vast majority of people. We know that the mainstream is drawn towards easily digestible content. But we are confident that there are others out there as well.

Wolkify is exactly for people who don’t buy into mainstream believes and habits.

Wolkify is for the ones who prefer a healthy meal over fast food.

Wolkify is for the ones who prefer a workout over being a couch potato.

Wolkify is for the ones who prefer a book over TV.

Wolkify is for the ones who prefer working hard on something they love over complaining about their jobs.

Wolkify is for the ones who prefer a life of constant challenge and growth over a life of ease and stagnation.

In a nutshell: The users of Wolkify are driven, passionate people who don’t define themselves by who they are right now, but by the potential of what they can become.

What kind of content Wolkify offers

We are all about personal growth. We want to encourage people to push past their boundaries, in every area of life. So we divided the site up into five categories that we believe are the essence not only of personal growth, but of life in general. Those five categories are:

Mental Growth 

Physical Growth

Spiritual Growth

Professional Growth 

Social Growth

We are certain that continuously growing in just one of these areas will already profoundly improve any life. But to be truly fulfilled and live up to your full potential, it is actually necessary to work on all these areas. Even if you want to excel in one particular field, you will need the others to support you on your journey as well.

What Wolkify means

So what does “Wolkify” mean? With the idea in mind that this platform strives to stand for constant growth, but also for pointing out how the various areas of personal growth are interconnected and dependant on each other, we were looking for a name that would embody all that.

What we came up with is based on the german word ‘Wolke’, which means cloud. A cloud is something that can expand and grow, change its shape, push into different directions and also unify different small parts into a greater whole.

To wolkify means precisely that: as a person you push your boundaries and consistently expand into different directions. To move forward on your journey of personal growth, you try to align what represents you –  your everyday habits, skills and mindsets.

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