I used to think that for opportunities to arise, you have to be at the right place at the right time. It’s all timing, isn’t it? You just have to be there and wait for the right people, the right business chance, the right information to pop up. 

In my specific case I had been thinking about starting my own company for years. I pondered and considered and at the same time I was waiting for a sign that would tell me when the time is right. Well, I waited, but nothing happened. For two years I worked in a dead-end job that did not satisfy me just because I thought that at some point all my concerns  – not knowing the right people, not having enough capital, not having enough expertise – would miraculously be fixed. Of course though, this moment never came. 

Then, this summer, I finally got tired of waiting. So I quit my job and started my own company, without other people, funding or complete knowledge of how that would play out exactly. I simply hoped that opportunities would arise to fix these problems along the way. 

And guess what – the opportunities started presenting themselves! Suddenly I met like-minded people; suddenly I found out about funding options; suddenly I gained access to the information I needed. It almost seemed like the world had been holding back all these insights until I was ready to capitalize on them. 

Men of action are favored by the Goddess of good luck – George Clason, The richest man in Babylon

This all happened in the same city I had been living in for years before, mind you. And it is not like I wasn’t looking for those opportunities before, either. I was looking pretty damn hard for years, but to no avail. It is only when I actually started taking action that chances arose. 

I am convinced that taking action is key for reaching far-fetched goals (and small goals too, of course). Even if you don’t fully know how you will reach those goals and you just venture out into the unknown, you will eventually be attracting resources that will help you along the way. Call it law of attraction, call it action-taking, call it cosmic energy, I don’t care. You don’t even have to believe in any of it, as long as you take active steps into the right direction. Then you can see for yourself. 

You cannot plan all steps ahead, especially because you might not see where those steps will lead you. But you simply have to trust that the further you walk on, the further you will be able to see the path ahead of you. There are plenty of opportunities out there for whatever you want to do, but it is up to you to seize them. And you don’t do so by wishing, but by taking action.  


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