Live Events

Wanna join us live?

Wolkify hosts regular live events where we build a personal growth community for the real world. Meet like-minded people, get inspired by others and learn from one another!

We invite personal growth professionals to speak about their field of expertise and share their insights with the crowd. This is then followed by a Q&A session with Moritz – the founder of Wolkify – and the crowd.

The topics cover anything related to personal development: mental growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, professional growth and social growth.

Wanna get an idea of what that looks like? This was the last event we held:

Don’t be shy

So if personal development is something you’re interested in, if you want to meet people who feel the same way, want to broaden your horizon and you’re living in Stockholm – just join us! Bring some friends along! Or, if you’re a professional, apply to be a guest speaker!

Let’s grow this community further!

You can find the next event at: