Personal Growth is what Wolkify is all about

What is Personal Growth?

Personal Growth is the process of continuously evolving as a human being by actively seeking out new challenges in every area of life. It derives from the underlying philosophy that living a fulfilled life is a journey rather than a destination and true happiness therefore is found in moving forward and embracing the chaos and struggle that comes with it rather than trying to maintain the status quo.

The theory behind Personal Growth

One of the most popular theories behind pursuing self actualisation and personal growth comes from Abraham Maslow (1908-1970), an American psychologist. He first formulated the hierarchy of needs.

personal growth maslow

  • At the bottom of the hierarchy are the basic physiological needs for food, drink, sex and sleep.
  • Second are the needs for safety and security, meaning health, financial security, safety against accidents etc.
  • Love and belonging covers friendships, relationships and family.
  • The fourth level refers to meeting the need for self-esteem. Every human wants to feel respected and confident.
  • At the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, is the need for self-actualisation. “What a man can be, he must be.” This is what personal growth strives towards. Becoming the best you could be by constantly pushing yourself further.

Maslow believed that in order to reach self-actualisation, you need to not only achieve the previous needs, but master them. It is therefore crucial to cover your more basic needs first, before moving on to higher goals. However, it can be argued that the mastery of each level can be a form of self-actualisation in and of itself.

Personal Growth as a goal

While personal growth is a purpose worth pursuing in life, it should never be the main goal of any action. Instead, personal growth shall be seen as a by-product of living life to the fullest. This means to try to attain goals in your lifetime that are out of reach at first. In order to get there it is necessary to acquire new skills, broaden your horizon and overcome obstacles. It demands that you give up who you are for what you want to become. To grow means to stretch, to expand and to push your boundaries. This process should be stressful, challenging and frightening even. To be uncomfortable is the best indicator to know that you are growing.

So make sure to live a life filled with ambitious goals. If you have those and actually pursue them, personal growth will come automatically.

Personal Growth and taking action

personal growth It is easy to dream big. It is easy to day-in, day-out, picture the long road towards your goals. The hard part is to actually walk it. It is so hard because this is where you change, where you feel the resistance, but this is exactly why it is so important to take massive action.  You need to learn to embrace the work and the resistance that comes with it. Working towards a goal is what gets you there, not planning it, talking about it and fantasising about it. You have to do the work.

Different areas of Personal Growth

Every area of life, every hobby, every job, really everything you can improve yourself in can be a source of personal growth. You don’t need to look far and it doesn’t have to be glorious. Since personal growth is something you only do for yourself, it is up to you to determine in which areas you want to work on yourself.

Wolkify offers advice and support in five main areas of personal development. Since we see satisfaction in these five areas as crucial for becoming a well-rounded and overall happy person, we are happy to share any guidance that can be provided to you on your path to personal growth. The areas are:

Mental Growth

Physical Growth

Professional Growth

Social Growth

Spiritual Growth

Feel free to browse them and get inspired. Of course there are areas in life that can also be the source of massive growth and might not be covered by any of those five areas that we focus on here. But we at Wolkify feel confident that Mental Growth, Physical Growth, Professional Growth, Social Growth and Spiritual Growth are at the core of what it means to pursue personal growth as a whole.