Remente is a personal development app I recently started using. A friend who knows the founders of Remente first recommended it to me when I told him about my struggle to reconcile different areas of my life, and after using it during the last couple of months I feel like it is my obligation to spread the word about this fantastic app even further!

What does Remente do?

Remente (you can check out their website here) is an app that manages to cover the full spectrum of personal development. It will help you de-clutter, structure and organise your life. It will make you to define your priorities, keep you focused on your goals, keep track of your progress and and even give recommendations on how to develop more quickly.

I first started using Remente to get a clear sense of what areas exactly I wanted to improve in, but soon the app turned into my universal weapon for really any kind of positive change I was making. It made me tackle weaknesses, helped me discover blind spots, gave me the right tools to overcome them and documented my gradual improvements, one step at a time.

Sounds all pretty awesome, doesn’t it? So let’s have a closer look at how Remente is able to provide so much value while still keeping it simple and fun.

How does Remente work?

1. Assessment

remente assessmentThe first thing that Remente asks you to do after installing is that you rate your current satisfaction with different areas of your life. These areas are:

  • Love & Relationships
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal development
  • Career & Education
  • Family
  • Friends & Social life
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Finances

You can give each of them a rating between 0-10 and then get the results beautifully depicted in a graph, basically showing your life in a nutshell:

This gives you a direct overview about where you are doing well and where you still have room for improvement.

Furthermore, you can do this kind of assessment as often as you want, thus allowing you to track changes over time and compare your overall satisfaction in different areas to past assessments.

2. My Goals

remente my goalsOnce you have identified which area(s) of your life you should probably focus on a little more, Remente allows you to define your own specific goals, so you know how to increase satisfaction in that area. It then gives you the chance to create an action plan on how exactly you plan to reach that goal. You can break down the process into as many steps as you seem fit and can schedule those out, make them a one-time occurrence or a regular task, define specific weekdays or times when you want to be working on them etc.

You can do this with as many goals as you want, for as many areas of your life as you want. This way you not only have an overview of your current goals in life at all times, you also have a clear roadmap on how you plan to achieve them.

3. To-dos

remente to-dosWhat Remente then does is keep a schedule of the tasks that you have to complete in order to reach those goals. It will give you a weekly as well as a daily overview of what you planned to do and give you a check list on which you can cross off what you have already accomplished.

This helps you to not be overwhelmed by your big, seemingly unreachable goals, but instead breaks them down into small, daily tasks that are much easier to follow through with.

Just focusing on your daily agenda will bring you closer and closer to your goals and before you know it, you will have reached them. This in turn will then hopefully increase your satisfaction with the area of life the goal was set in and your overall happiness.

4. Mood tracker

remente moods remente mood trackerTo focus your attention on how developing as a person also makes you a happier person, Remente even allows you to track your mood on a daily basis. You can rate your mood on a scale from 1-5 and then choose from a whole list of moods (calm, eager, optimistic, angry, insecure….) the one that describes your day the best. Over time this function is able to paint a pretty clear picture on how your mood is evolving and lets you display this development in a graph. (Premium plan only)

5. Courses

remente coursesTo top it all off, Remente offers courses that cover various personal development topics.

Since this is only available for people who bought the premium plan (which I haven’t so far), I cannot say much about the quality of those courses. I do however think that the mere fact that Remente is providing them already shows how deeply they are committed to helping you become the best person possible and support you on your way to reaching your goals.


Who is Remente for?

Remente serves everyone who is driven, goal-oriented and wants to take his life to the next level. Whether you want to advance in your career, learn a new instrument or become a better listener, Remente helps you define these goals, map them out clearly and then follow through with them.

While ‘personal development’ sometimes gets stigmatised as superficial or misleading, Remente is neither. It is a great tool that can be used by really anyone who is developing as a person in any area of life.

Would I recommend Remente?

Two words: Hell yeah! This website I am running here,, is all about developing as a person in different areas of your life. I strongly believe that these areas – mental growth, physical growth, spiritual growth, social growth and professional growth – are heavily intertwined and all have to be in balance in order to live a happy and satisfying life. The fact that Remente gives people the opportunity to strategically improve in all these areas and then track this improvement is incredibly valuable. It empowers people to take charge of their lives and actively work towards personal fulfilment.

I highly recommend anyone who is even remotely interested in using his time wisely to download the app:

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