People who follow Marketing Guru Seth Godin’s blog know that he is an avid writer. In fact, Godin committed to write every single day of his life. (check out his stuff here

However, you will quickly notice that some posts are rather short. Really short, actually. Some posts are just over 100 words. Sure, there are also some that are quite long and elaborate as well, but he seems to not at all afraid to post short, little notes instead of 2000-words, well thought-through texts.

This is rather unusual. 

Most people, including myself, ponder over what they try to say for a long time before even attempting to put it into writing. It is just so tempting, especially when you want to make what you write meaningful. But just like with all skills you develop, writing is something that is learned only through practise. You need to put the words on the paper. And you need to do it consistently in order to create results and progress. 

That is why writing short posts – just two paragraphs maybe – every single day will get you further than sitting down once every two weeks and then write a lot. If you don’t do it consistently you will struggle, you will lack the work ethic to back it up and you won’t have the momentum to get your best work done. It is just like going to the gym: better go three times a week for 20 minutes than once every week for an hour.

This is why in the future, I intend to write much more like Seth Godin.

I won’t write every single day. But I will write down even little thoughts that pop up in my head instead of “saving” them for a grand, elaborate rant that may never come. 

PS: Interestingly enough, I noticed that setting out to only write two paragraphs takes away the pressure. I begin with the intention to write something short, not expecting much from myself.  And because I apply this mindset I can work freely, uninhibited and  it ends up being a full page.


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