Inspirational speeches can come from anyone

What do Charles Bukowski and Steve Jobs have in common? One an infamous drunk and gambler, the other a famous business man and billionaire. 

But they both know how to inspire. They both have given some of the best inspirational speeches ever. And to truly inspire is not easy. 

Inspirational speeches are nowadays more easily available than ever. May it be the celebrity commencement speaker or the TED talker, everyone tries to inspire.  But in order to do so,  you need to do more than list platitudes about how life being tough and overcoming adversity. 

To truly inspire, you need to touch people at their core.  

And very few speeches manage to do that. That is why today I am sharing the (in my opinion) five best inspirational speeches of all times. Some are well known, some less. And they are from completely different people: a business man, a politician, two writers and an actor. But when listening to them, you can feel that they are all speaking from the heart. And I for one found a lot of guidance and inspiration in them.

So here is comes, the top five best inspirational speeches of all time! 

1. Steve Jobs Commencement Speech 2005 

2. Theodore Roosevelt “The man in the arena”

(sorry that this is a commercial, but there is no good recording of the original Theodore Roosevelt speech)

3. Charles Bukowski “Go all the way”

4. Charlie Chaplin “The great dictator”

5. David Foster Wallace “This is water”


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