Many successful people talk about how difficult it is to follow your passion. They talk about hustling, they talk about struggling to build a career, build a product, build a company. They emphasise how much they have to sacrifice in order to keep doing what they love. 

Just watch this short clip of Steve Jobs talking about passion:

As he emphasised: it is really hard! To first have a vision, then come up with a plan to make it reality and lastly put this plan into action is really tough.  In fact, creating something new that brings value to people, to turn your vision into reality, can be so tough that you sometimes wish you never had that vision in the first place. Without your vision, you could live a calm and content life.  Without your vision, you could do your work without getting too attached to it. And without your vision, you don’t have to constantly make tough, unpleasant decisions.  

The Alternative to passion

But let’s look at the alternative for a second. The alternative to not to be immersed in what you love. The alternative is to not have a vision for yourself. The alternative is to not deeply care, just collect your pay check and get out. This seems a lot easier. 

Is it though?

Is it really easier to get up every morning and do something you don’t love? 

Is it really easier to tell other people about your profession that you don’t love?

Is it really easier to to not get deeply involved at all?

It is the old question: if you fall in love and get your heart broken – is it better to not fall in love at all? 

I believe that deeply caring about what you do, so deeply that it keeps you up at night and that it worries you, and that you feel pressured and that you struggle because it is so hard – I think that is still easier than choosing the ‘easy way out’.

When choosing your passion, you sacrifice sleep, free time, money and sometimes your health. 

But when choosing the easy way, you sacrifice yourself. 


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