When Authors write a book, they write it with the awareness that the first draft will be shit. And when I say shit, I don’t mean “not perfect yet”. I mean shit. But they account for that and see it as part of the process. They always have their eyes on the big picture and aren’t too concerned with ups and downs during the process.

The same is true for most other creative types. They know that the first try is rarely presentable. And they know that this shouldn’t be the goal anyway. The goal is not perfection with the first try, the goal are little iterations that make the product better, one tiny step at a time. 

And even if the final product turns out to be shit, this product is a next step on the path of mastery, making you a tiny bit better. 

We all have the tendency to get caught up in details and fail to see the bigger picture. And we all have the tendency to pay more attention to things that go wrong in life than the good stuff that happens to us (it’s called the negativity bias). 

But if we give in to that, we soon think that a day sucked, even though we had many good moments throughout. Next we think a week sucked, even though many of the days were actually good. Then the same happens with months, years, life. 

We overvalue the small hick-ups in life and forget the good times over it, we keep the minor downs more in mind than the major ups. And soon, the big picture that is our life shows a skewed version of what actually happened.  


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