Getting a head start

 Getting up in the morning – especially on a weekday – can be tough sometimes. This can have a plenty of reasons, but most of them are self-created and can be avoided. There are habits you can implement right now to make sure that leaving the bed isn’t as difficult anymore. And with a head start in the morning, the rest of the day will be a lot easier to master. 

1. Preparation begins the night before   

Make sure to go to bed in time. Enough sleep is essential to be fully rested the next morning. Also try to avoid screens for at least the last 30 minutes of your day. The white and blue light of screens messes with the melatonin levels in our body, which is the hormone that tells us when to sleep. You could for example make it a rule to not have phones in bed or watch TV. Instead, read a book before you fall asleep. This will avoid overstimulation and tell your brain that it is now time to rest. You will sleep earlier, better and feel fresher the next day. 

2. Ease into your day with meditation

There are heaps of benefits to meditation! It decreases anxiety and depression while boosting you with energy! Meditating for just 10 minutes in the morning will create positive ripple effects throughout the day. It un-rushes the start of your day, makes you calmer in moments of stress, lets me become more present and this way you are able to enjoy every day, even the not-so-pleasant ones. And while meditation is beneficial at any time of the day, it has the largest impact in the morning, simply because the benefits will then last for the entire rest of the day. Sure, you might be a bit sleepy and tired when you first try it. And you might even have to get up a bit earlier. But try it for a month and you will see that you get into the routine quickly. After that month is over, you won’t want to miss it anymore. 

3. Get out of bed and get active!

If we feel tired throughout the day, it is often because our body never really woke up in the first place. Sure, we go through the motions of getting dressed, getting ready and getting to work. But most of the day we are just sitting, barely moving and not giving any indication to our body that now it is time to wake up. 

So next time try some stretching, Yoga or light workout before you go to work. Then pay attention to how alert you feel throughout the entire day! Alternatively you could also cycle to work or at least speed-walk to the subway station. It can be as little as 5 minutes that you deliberately spend focussed on your body activity, but it can make all the difference. 

All in all, those routines shouldn’t take much time in the morning, but they can change the entire attitude you have towards your day. Of course those three habits can be altered, customised and adapted according to your own preferences. Simply become aware of what you are doing, change what is not working for you and keep as a habit whatever does work. You will love the results you see in your mood! 


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