So many problems, so little time

So I just started my own company. And as it so happens, I immediately ran into a lot of problems. I mean, A LOT! Of course I had a neatly planned vision of how I would execute my business idea. I knew which tasks to prioritise and how to get from point A to B. It all made perfect sense in my head. 

Well, and then you start executing and you realise: life doesn’t work that way. It tends to get in the way. It tends to create hurdles. It tends to throw you curveballs that you never could have anticipated. The question is: what do you do when those problems arise?

Problem solving is your job

The important thing to realise, especially as an entrepreneur, but also in any other job, is that your job is to solve those problems! This is literally what people pay you for: to do something they can’t or don’t want to do. If what you do was easy and smooth sailing all the time, anyone could do it. So don’t condemn the problems. Overcoming them is what creates value. They are what makes you valuable. And the better you become at it, the more valuable you are to other people. The same goes for entire companies. If a company does something that others can easily replicate, they will probably have a lot of competition and very thin margins. If on the other hand a company manages to do something that has never been done before (just think of the iPhone!) they will dominate the entire market. And all that by being willing to tackle problems that others shy away from. 

Overcoming resistance

In the end, problems are not really problems. The world is not ‘difficult’ or ‘easy’, it just is the way it is. What is difficult is your attitude towards problems. There will always be resistance when you try to do something you have never done before. But it is an internal problem. It is something you can learn to deal better with. And if you do, the problems in your life will automatically become less. The more inner resistance you are able to deal with, the less problems you will feel you are facing in the outer world. So the one way to handle resistance better and that way become better at problem solving is to simply engage in harder problems. 

Check out the video I made about this:

So if you really think about it: problems are what makes life fun. They test our abilities. They are challenges put in our way. Are you gonna go out of your way to avoid them? Or will you embrace them? 


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