I am happy to announce that Wolkify is now partnering with the Squid News App!

Squid is an app for Millennials to engage and interact with news. Squid is a personalised news feed with all your interests in one place. And the feed then looks something like this:

Pretty cool, huh? 😉

Just like Wolkify, Squid is an aspiring Start-up based in Stockholm. Since Wolkify’s posts are in English they will be published both in the UK and the International version of the Squid App. There are however also versions for Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Poland, Russia and Germany.

Squid does not only allow its users to filter their news based on their preferences, but also makes the content more accessible by allowing users to highlight, comment and share certain passages with ease.

“We want to help younger generations rediscover reading news as an entertaining, valuable and engaging daily activity” – Johan Othelius, CEO and Founder of SQUID App.


When users click on an article, Squid redirects them to the publishers or bloggers’ own website. In this way, they provide a great service for users, and at the same time find new readers and generate more traffic for publishers and bloggers.

I for one am excited to see Squid grow and am happy that Wolkify will be a part of this journey!



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